Talent Data Exchange

Talent Data Exchange is a truly game changing solution for organisations to understand key costs and metrics associated with contingent workers and/or hiring employees.

Brightfield Strategies are the independent curators of possibly the largest single data set relating to temp and contract worker engagements and perm hires. However, having enough data for analysis to be meaningful is only part of the story.

The second key component is their intelligent use of Natural Language Processing to break any job description down into its key components to enable similar roles to be identified regardless of job title, language, location, level etc.

The third pillar of TDX is the market leading data science capabilities of the team to really extract meaning and actionable intelligence from such data sets. All of this built on a platform of top of the line security, total transparency and a partner centric approach.

Thus TDX is the perfect added value service to complement our Resourcing Intelligence solution by providing market standards as a comparator for an organisations own data. Check out the Brightfield website for more information.

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