Resourcing Intelligence

Our ‘Resourcing Intelligence’ reporting tools provide comprehensive business reporting, dashboards and analytics within the resourcing, recruitment, RPO and MSP sectors.

The solution was born out of having delivered similar solutions to many of our clients, and the realisation that we can deliver even greater value by building a service, delivery model and technology portal.

‘Resourcing Intelligence’ does not try to be another reporting technology toolset, in fact we use a number of the leading technology solutions to deliver our solution. ‘Resourcing Intelligence’ is Reporting as a Service (RaaS) where we use a client’s existing technology, combine it with best in class solutions and our many years of experience and domain expertise, to deliver a holistic reporting and analytics function that delivers real world benefits to our clients.

Multiple Technology Components

Increasingly organisations are using multiple technology systems to meet their recruitment requirements. These could include one or more VMS, ATS, ERP, HRIS, Finance platform, CRM, multijob posting tool, career sites, social media platforms, testing solutions and others. Some or all of these components may have sophisticated and comprehensive reporting capabilities, however to gain a true picture of the operation of a recruitment function, the data from each of the components needs to be combined. Our platform addresses the requirement to intelligently combine data.


With many modern systems becoming increasingly complex in their data structures, analysing the data provided is not always as straightforward as it may seem. Our experience and relationships with many of the leading technology providers enable us to identify the relevant data quickly and efficiently.


Whilst looking at raw data can often be very informative, to be able to enhance the pictures it paints with commentary and relevance, can bring the data to life and provide immeasurably greater value. Our solutions utilise a wide range of different presentation formats, all of which can be overlaid with context and commentary, to ensure the information is delivered in the most impactful and informative manner appropriate.


To truly analyse and understand the available data can often be a significant task and it often falls to the recruiters themselves to collate and provide the required information, distracting them from their core focus of recruiting.

Our service delivers specialist resources to cost effectively manage that burden.


In asking recruiters to leave their core tasks to regularly collate MI introduces challenges; one of which, is that often the recruiter’s heart is not in the task, which can lead to possible errors. We are not ashamed to admit to being data geeks and we love doing this!


Many technology solutions are delivered with standard out of the box suites of reports that may or may not be directly relevant to the needs of the user.

Our reporting capabilities are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

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