Resourcing Integrator

Resourcing Integrator is actually three separate solutions, specifically designed to address the challenges associated with getting multiple pieces of technology to work smoothly together within a resourcing context.

The real value of Resourcing Integrator however is the combination of best in class technology solutions and our experience and methodologies in implementing and managing integrations and being able to deliver maximum value from this important component in the overall solution;

Integration Engine

The primary Resourcing Integrator solution is the excellent Cyclr Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). We are great fans of this toolset, both in terms of its capabilities and the open collaborative approach of Cyclr themselves. The Cyclr engine enables integrations to be efficiently built and maintained. However, much more importantly, the tools and insights that form part of the platform along with the excellent Cyclr team make this a compelling proposition.

Application Engine

Very occasionally a challenge presents itself as part of a project that doesn’t have an obvious solution. One such challenge that we have faced with many clients is the ability to combine the metrics from the attraction and career site processes with the metrics from the application process and beyond. Many systems don’t have a mechanism to connect these two components from a data perspective. In solving this issue, we were also able to provide a best in class optimised applicant process whilst we were at it.

Data Migration Engine

Sadly one of the most common causes of issues with many systems implementations is the data migration. Over many implementations we have developed a methodology and toolset to streamline the process and minimise the potential issues associated with this tricky topic.

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