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As a result of many years’ experience we have identified five key, data related, gaps in the market, that are causal factors in the overall success of such initiatives.

Resourcing Intelligence

Resourcing Intelligence is our operational ‘Reporting as a Service’ solution that delivers many real world benefits not achieved by the ‘sometimes excellent’ reporting solutions delivered by leading technology providers.

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Resourcing Insights

Resourcing Insights provides a dynamic action list for resourcing users, that addresses the gaps in the ‘to do’ list features of some of the leading technology platforms and also incorporates the ability to collate ‘to dos’ from multiple systems and the actions resulting from integrations.

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Resourcing Integrator

‘Resourcing Integrator’ combines the brilliance of the Cyclr iPaaS platform with the resourcing sector knowledge, experience and capabilities of Tobias Adam to deliver best in class solutions to achieve robust and scalable integrations for resourcing solutions.

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Talent Data Exchange

(TDX) is a membership-based data analytics platform and service. An outgrowth of Brightfield Strategies’ analytical expertise, its invention lets companies precisely compute the cost of human capital and test workforce strategies by bringing together employee and non-employee data in a single conforming dataset. Empowered with that ability, TDX is the first platform that can assess actual market intelligence on a total talent basis.

Now organizations can establish true market rates for their contingent workforce with absolute conformity (i.e. apples to apples comparability). By benchmarking talent acquisition, companies can compare key recruiting metrics against peer organizations across all industry verticals specific to FTE/employee anonymized data. Simply put, TDX does more than just collect data, it’s connects data for everyone’s benefit.

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Brightfield Strategies donʼt offer endless studies or theoretical advice. Every project they undertake, every recommendation they make, every strategy they implement is designed to provide the greatest possible outcome in the least possible time. From modelling and analytics to management consulting to governance, risk, compliance, each bit of data collected throughout the end to end analysis contributes to the big picture; revealing insights about quality of talent, process efficiency and spending behaviour.

Their rigorous investigation and application not only makes each case projection undeniable but actionable. Because ideas are only brilliant if they can be executed brilliantly. We are very proud to partner with Brightfield Strategies to deliver our combined consulting expertise for the benefit of our clients. ‘click here’ to find out more.

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