Since 2000, Tobias Adam has been very successfully delivering consulting services to our clients, primarily focussed on achieving best benefit from resourcing technology. On the back of many successful systems reviews, selection processes, implementations and optimisations and in seeking ways to deliver greater value to our clients, we have combined our consulting practice with that of Brightfield Strategies, of whom we have long been admirers.

Since 2006, Brightfield has specialized in contingent workers issues and their relation to human capitalstrategies. If experience has taught them anything, it’s that experience isn’t enough. That scientific approaches and methodologies are only as impactful as the actionable insights that emerge. That hard data no matter how revealing remains merely that unless used to gain company-wide acceptance and engagement. That true value isn’t measured in words but by turning theory into practice and practice into results. From temporary agency workers to independent consultants and everything in between, their Fortune 100 clients rely on Brightfield to craft strategies that make them more competitive.

Because in today’s working world, the only thinking that matters is thinking that works. Brightfield offers objective subject-matter expertise in all areas of contingent workforce management. Their firm grasp of contingent workforce issues, nimble structure and entrepreneurial spirit, enable them to demonstrate program performance impacts quickly and efficiently. With over 150 years of combined knowledge, they not only develop best practices for an entire industry, they supply know-how that can turn blue sky thinking into bottom line results.

Their capabilities at a glance

  • modelling and analytics: rate modelling and workforce mix modelling
  • performance and maturity assessments
  • strategic sourcing and contract negotiations
  • labour and employment law compliance
  • contract analysis & audits
  • policy development

To find out more, please contact us, contact Brightfield or check out more details on the Brightfield website at

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